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Global Rebellion Day 4 - 10.10.19

10 October 2019 

Summary of the days events

around the city

Today, Extinction Rebellion NYC shut down the crossroads of the world for over two hours demanding that the Government Tell the Truth and Act Now. An 18’ lime green sailboat with the words ‘Act Now’ was dropped in the intersection of 44th and Broadway in Times Square.  Rebels swarmed the boat to attach themselves like barnacles to the bottom and sides of the boat with chains and super glue. On top of the boat, barefeet superglued and handcuffed to the mast was 16 year old, Nathaniel Walcott. The mast was festooned with flags from around the world, and in the hands of the blockers ringing the boats were flags from those same countries with the numbers of deaths caused by the climate and ecological emergency. 62 fierce rebels were arrested in total.

The morning started with a decoy protest at Fox News (why would we bother to protest them?). A band of nearly 100 rebels, including the newly formed Extinction Rebellion NYC band marched through the streets chanting and encouraging on-lookers to join them. Their arrival coincided with the boat drop, where the rebels joined those locked on, with music, chanting and dancing in the streets. 

Our fantastic jail support is ready for a long night, a rebel cooked a vegan indian meal for the arrestees, and a camp stove is set up to make tea so that the rebels are greeted with warm food and drink upon their release. 12 rebels will be waiting outside the jail with support, hugs and food for the arrestees.

Rebel Fest

Rebel Fest was glad to be back outside in the sunshine for the day! In addition to more flag waving by the famous Washington Square Fountain, banners were added to the area with our demands - Tell the Truth, Act Now and Beyond Politics. We continued to encourage new rebels to join the movement and helped them make colorfully blocked and screen printed clothing. We continued to offer Heading for Extinction and What To Do About It, NVDA training, anti-oppression workshops and song circles. The evening ended with an energetic youth gathering and planning session.

What is happening tomorrow?

around the city

Tomorrow will see rebels showing up with high spirits around the city to continue disruptions. We will continue to bring our love and rage to all corners of the city.

Rebel Fest

Join us for one more day of talks and trainings which will culminate in a dance party in the streets. Full schedule.