Global Rebellion Day 1 - 10.07.19

07 October 2019 

Summary of the days events

around the city

Extinction Rebellion Youth started the day by reading the declaration of rebellion at New York City Hall. Following that, a crowd of rebels lined up in Battery Park for a funeral procession. They were joined by Bread and Puppet Theater, the Red Brigade and a New Oleans “second line” band (jazz funeral band). Participants carried two caskets, one which had “Our Future” painted on it's side, and tombstones noting climate and ecological catastrophe related deaths. The crowd collectively recited the Declaration of Rebellion. This procession slowly proceeded up Broadway to the Charging Bull statue in Bowling Green.

Rebels covered the bull in fake blood and staged a ‘die-in’ around the statue, while one rebel climbed onto the bull to wave a green Extinction symbol flag. As police moved in to barricade the bull, the procession moved on through the narrow streets of downtown Manhattan to Broad Street, where rebels staged another die-in with fake blood. Their bodies were spread across the cobblestone streets and on the pavement in front of the New York Stock Exchange, blocking the entrances to the exchange. Speakers from Puerto Rico and Bangladesh spoke about the communities already impacted by the climate and ecological emergency. Police arrested four rebels from the die in and one speaker. The remainder of those participating in the die in joined the procession, which moved to Broadway and Pine street. Another die-in was staged in the roadway, snarling traffic for over an hour. Arrests that occurred at this location brought the day’s total to 93. Meanwhile, as the clean team were busy with mops and buckets cleaning up the streets around the bull statue and Stock Exchange and clearing away the fake blood used in the actions, the procession continued uptown to Washington Square Park.

Rebel Fest

By the afternoon, Extinction Rebellion had taken over Washington Square Park, in the West Village. Here, a festive atmosphere filled the air, while rebels grabbed sidewalk chalk to fill the park with images of rebellion and celebration. Tables and tents were arranged around the central fountain. At these tables, new and old rebels were welcomed and oriented to the site. The outreach team shared do-it-yourself zines on the demands and principles and hosted Heading For Extinction and What To Do About It talks and Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA) trainings. Extinction Rebellion Arts Collective brought tools to help decorate rebels’ clothes with woodblocks and screenprints. The wellbeing team was caring for people’s bodies and minds through massage and climate conversations, in which participants were invited to share their grief. A citizens’ assembly workshop dove into the complexities of how CAs might be implemented and work in NYC, and the kitchen brought in snacks and warm food as evening set in.

Bread and Puppet hosted a cantastoria workshop in the park, inviting passersby to help craft a narrative, which performers then told with the aid of imagery and song.  The evening closed with a live DJ set and rain cascading down over the rebels.

What is happening tomorrow?

around the city

Extinction Rebellion will continue disrupting business as usual with actions aimed at forcing the government to respond to the climate and ecological emergency. At 2pm join Act Now for All Beings, a meditation action starting at City Hall Park. In addition we will have opportunities to try out your new NVDA skills at 2pm and 6pm leaving from Washington Square Park—meet at the Holley statue in the northwest quadrant.

Tuesday is also the debut of “Vaquita,” our mascot boat. Featuring images of the small nearly extinct porpoises for which she is named, she will be traveling around the city and calling on people to join the rebellion.

Rebel Fest

The morning begins at 8:30 with meditation and yoga—stillness and movement to set ourselves for the task ahead of rebelling for life. We will continue to welcome new and old rebels and to offer teachings and trainings to bring new people into the rebellion (Heading for Extinction and What To Do About It talks and presentations of Nonviolent Direct Action Training). Tuesday will feature a song circle, and anti-oppression training, a chorus of all beings, opportunities to practice NVDA skills and a workshop on envisioning the future. Full schedule.