Global Rebellion Day 2 - 10.08.19

08 October 2019 

Summary of the days events

Rebel Fest

The morning started early in Washington Square Park with some rebels participating in meditation and yoga. We joyfully occupied Washington Square Park with teachings, art, and music. Highlights of the day included a Chorus of All Beings and a workshop on Envisioning the Future. 

Throughout the day rebels were testing out their newly learned nonviolent direct action skills, including de-escalation tactics, using props, and chanting, in brief road blockades . Despite an increased response from the police, all the rebels remained peaceful and joyful.

Around the City

A group of over 40 rebels joined Brother Fulfillment from Thich Nhat Hanh’s Plum Village in a meditative action calling on the government to Act Now. They blocked the entrance to City Hall by staging a seated meditation, a peaceful act of resistance rooted in historic acts of civil disobedience. 

The beautiful mascot boat, “Vaquita,” traveled through New York City, spreading the news of the Rebellion. Featuring images of the nearly extinct porpoise for which she is named and large Extinction symbol flags, her crew handed out flyers about the rebellion and talked to passersby stopped in traffic. They declared their voyage a success and look forward to getting her back out in the city soon.

What is happening tomorrow?

around the city

Extinction Rebellion youth are taking the demand for a Citizen’s Assembly to the campus of Columbia University tomorrow. Their nonviolent direct action will bring attention to the roles that educational institutions can and should play in responding to the climate and ecological emergency.

Rebel Fest

Families will descend upon Rebel Fest tomorrow. Because of the public school holiday in New York City we will be providing specifically family friendly activities around Washington Square, including face painting, making “earth dumplings” and theater games.