Global Rebellion Day 3 - 10.09.19

09 October 2019 

Summary of the days events

Rebel Fest

The meditations started under a grey sky and by the time the Ritual of Remembrance started the rain had come too. A somber group stood under tents expressing grief for the world we are already in - loss of life on a massive scale as we enter the sixth mass extinction. Despite the pouring rain - and the beautiful chalk drawings washing away, spirits remained high and a brigade of rebels ferried everything into the warm and inviting space of Judson Church. A small but fierce team manned the Welcome tent in the downpour pointing rebels to the indoor location. At one point one of the welcome tent members declared β€œit's beautiful out there!” 

Activities continued indoors - with art making, NVDA training for a large youth contingent, song circles in the stairway, an anti-oppression workshop and continued direct action practice.

Around the City

Extinction Rebellion Columbia, a university affinity group, undertook their first action today with allies from Extinction Rebellion and Extinction Rebellion Youth. The action kicked off with inspirational speeches from youth rebels, then a stunning triple simultaneous banner drop from three buildings around the quad. The youth then moved to enter the library, and as they did so they were forcibly obstructed by the campus security force. The security force continued to threaten the rebels as they hosted a peaceful die in and a reading of their demands for the University to declare a climate and ecological emergency, bring greenhouse gas emissions from campus operations to net-zero as soon as possible, and to create and be led through this transition by an assembly of community members. The action ended peacefully with the youth leaving the building and ending the action by planting a nectarine tree on the campus grounds.

What is happening tomorrow?

around the city

Rebels are taking on the challenge of rallying at Fox News to encourage media of all stripes to Tell the Truth! There will be other actions throughout the day intended to disrupt business as usual with arrests expected.

Rebel Fest

Improved weather will see the Rebel Fest return to the plaza at Washington Square Park. The festive atmosphere with well being, trainings, art making, food and music will keep rolling on Day 4 of the Rebellion. Full schedule available at Full schedule.