OctOber 7 The Global rebellion begins…

In January 2018, we declared The Rebellion.

In April 2019, nations began to declare a Climate Emergency.

In June 2019, NYC declared a Climate Emergency

In October 2019, we tell the world the truth!

Beginning on Monday, October 7, Extinction Rebellion NYC will join a large scale global rebellion to rise up for the love of our planet. 

  • Wildlife populations have more than halved on average since 1970 due to 1.2°C of warming and climate change.

  • Since then, over 50% of all carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels has been produced.

  • We’ve already overshot the 2015 Paris Agreement goal of 2° warming, to best case 3.2°(5.8 degrees Fahrenheit).

We’re nearly out of time.

Take a week off work, bring your family and friends and join us in the streets for a one time only ‘chance of life’.

1. SAVE THE DATE - More details to follow.

2. SPREAD THE WORD - Use our rebel resources

3. JOIN THE REBELLION - Find out more here

4. WE NEED EVERYONE, sign up below…

Not from NYC? Find your local rebellion!