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We are an all volunteer organization, and while we can’t pay you well, we might just save the world…


Arts usually meets to make and plan on Wednesdays at 6:345pm as well as Community Art Builds on the third Sunday of the month. For joining us, email or visit events page for art builds!

Media & Messaging

Administrator for Media/Messaging

10 hours per week

The ideal person is detail oriented, outgoing and interested in helping things run smoothly and efficiently. The administrator will maintain the ongoing agenda, find locations for meetings for Media/Messaging as a whole, and subgroups as needed. In addition, this role will help onboard people into the various subgroups in Media/Messaging. 

Press Coordinator

4 hours per week (15+ during October & other Active times)

This role will manage the ongoing projects of the press team. These include publishing content on various platforms in between actions, developing strong relationships with key media outlets and manage press at actions. This role is for someone experienced in press relations who also has an ability to work in an environment of fluctuating time commitments. 

Website Coordinator

6–8 hours per week

Seeking a person well versed in Squarespace (or familiar with interest in learning more). This role has the capacity to build a small team as well as interface with other subgroups and working groups providing content. The coordinator will keep the website updated with events postings and content as well as continuously optimizing the web layout to meet media and messaging goals. Communicates with Media/Messaging Coordinator (working group).

Twitter Manager

10 hours per week

The Twitter manager will ensure that the platform is lively and supports the principles of XR while simultaneously working to uphold the social media strategy. Daily attention to building our following &  sourcing relevant & engaging content. Communicates with Social Media Coordinator (subgroup) & Media/Messaging Coordinator (working group). 

Instagram Manager

10 hours per week

Seeking someone experienced with posting on Instagram. Needs graphic experience, knowledge of successful postings for the platform and an interest in upholding the social media strategy and principles of XR. Daily attention to building our following & creating captivating content. Communicates with Social Media Coordinator (subgroup) & Media/Messaging Coordinator (working group), and a team of IG posters.

Facebook Manager

10–15 hours per week

Seeking an experienced FB user with graphic & language skills who can be responsive both to followers and other teams within XR, while upholding the social media strategies continually being refined. Daily attention to building our following, monitoring incoming messages & creating captivating content. Familiarity with ad buying preferred but not essential. Communicates with Social Media Coordinator (subgroup) & Media/Messaging Coordinator (working group). 


2-4 hours per week or project based

Seeking writers interested in creating original content and or marketing materials to support our goals. Publishing in media outlets is possible.

Note: Time estimates include regular working group meetings, either in person or via conference call. Interested volunteers should already have spent some time engaging with XR culture either through a community or neighborhood meeting, a “Heading for Extinction” talk, or an NVDA training. A “Welcome Call” will familiarize applicants with our non-hierarchical system (SOS): We are all crew.

Additional requirements (but not prerequisite) for joining media and messaging: Read the XR handbook “This is Not a Drill”, and Roger Hallum's "Common Sense for the 21st Century." Watch the DNA training videos: Part 1 | Part 2 (We have loaner copies of Drill and Common Sense is available online).

Email your skills or resume to


Project Managers

We need people skilled in project management to assist in building our working groups out to full capacity.

Please contact