Statement on the Heathrow Pause Action

Extinction Rebellion NYC condemns the preemptive arrests of Heathrow Pause members, who include Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam ... We protest equally strongly the arrests of Extinction Rebellion members in Britain who were not even members of Heathrow Pause.

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The Media needs to tell the Truth

On October 8th, 2019, the New York Times plans to once again co-host the infamous Oil & Money Conference. XR NYC will protest the newspaper’s facilitation of the oil and gas industries business. On August 21st, we arrived under the slogan “Will you swim to work?“ in front of the New York Times Headquarter to voice our disagreement with the NYT’s activities.

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Sarah Malvasia
Coffee & The Climate Times

What’s better than a beautiful morning with a cup of coffee and your favorite newspaper? We went out to 8th Avenue to enjoy this wonderful morning routine with our friends from the New York Times to share and discuss the best articles we read in The Climate Times.

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Making hot art ahead of the floods

On Sunday, July 21, amid a record heatwave scorching New York City at 102 degrees and even 113 degrees at Times Square, Extinction Rebellion teams held an art meeting in Brooklyn.While our activists were dripping with sweat, their fans were still running. Not far though 50,000 New Yorkers were left without electricity.

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Park Slope Group Kick-off

On Saturday, 45 activists of XR's local Park Slope Group in Brooklyn turned out to raise awareness about climate disruption and build a community of rebels ready to respond. The Park Slope Group marched through the Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Market and through Prospect Park, with BRIC TV and several journalists in tow to report on the event. Park Slope may table at the Farmer's Market in coming weeks, and give another local 'talk' to bolster their ranks for future actions.

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New York City acknowledges 6th Mass Extinction and declares a Climate Emergency

On Wednesday, June 26th, the New York City Council voted to declare a climate emergency, becoming the largest city in the country to commit to combat climate change.

New York City joined the 17 U.S. cities like Hoboken, New Jersey, Oakland, San Francisco, Chico and others, that already declared a climate emergency.

Extinction Rebellion had 62 arrested in April 2019 urging the city to declare the climate crises an emergency.

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Demanding New York City Council to declare Climate Emergency

Extinction Rebellion activists met at City Hall demanding that the City Council passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency in NYC. A climate emergency declaration is a vital first step toward confronting the hard truth of the climate crisis and speeding up New York City’s transition to an equitable, renewable economy. We can’t solve the problem if we don’t call it like it is: a life or death emergency of unprecedented proportions.

The rally took place outside at 12:00 pm and then at 1:00 pm, City Council will be holding a hearing on the resolution.

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Arrests at protest over New York Times' unacceptable climate coverage

On June 22nd, 300 XR activists took the fight to The New York Times - asking them to take the lead and cover the Climate Emergency the way they covered WW II. Activists demanded a radical ramp-up of the NYT’s climate reporting with daily climate headlines and the use language appropriate to the emergency. In the course of the action, activists dropped two banners, one at the NYT headquarter and staged a die in. The NYP arrested 70 non-violent activists sitting in the street.

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New York Extinction Rebellion Activists pay visit to the New York Times

At 9 am on Friday Extinction Rebellion Activists entered the lobby of the New York Times to hand out flyers to employees . Extinction Rebellion demands from the New York Times that they start treating the Climate Crisis as the serious emergency it clearly is. Extinction Rebellion’s position is that the existential crisis currently facing humanity warrants coverage on a par with that given to World War 2.

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XR-NYC Demands Local Government Declare Climate Emergency, Drops Two Banners; 62 People Arrested

This morning, outside New York's City Hall, a group of several hundred protesters, representing XR-NYC, part of the global Extinction Rebellion movement -- which has now virtually taken over London, and has engaged in many other protests this week all around the world -- demanded that local government immediately declare a climate emergency. In the course of the action, two large banners were dropped and 62 people were arrested. In addition, mock citizen's assembly were held in which participants brainstormed their proposed solutions to the climate change issue and drew them in chalk upon the sidewalk outside City Hall Park.

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