NYT - The Truth is Worth it


On August, 7th we staged a die-in at the New York Times building and demanded the Times tell the truth about the climate emergency and stop publishing pieces discrediting youth climate activists & Greta Thunberg.

We stand together with the student climate strikers in demanding an end to the destruction of our planet and the annihilation of our collective future. Thank you to Greta Thunberg for her wonderful speech at United Nations COP24 which we have used in this video to highlight the force of her message.

The New York Time’s advertising campaign uses the slogan "The Truth is Worth It". We want to remind the Times that The Truth is not an advertisement. It is not a brand strategy. The Truth is about naming and reporting the Climate Emergency in order to prevent total ecological and societal collapse.

Declare a Climate Emergency & Report Accordingly:

- Climate headlines daily.
- Climate everywhere: every beat, every story.
- Suggest real solutions.
- Use climate emergency language.
- Enact climate standards for political endorsements.
- Remove financial conflicts of interest.

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