New York City acknowledges 6th Mass Extinction and declares a Climate Emergency


After demanding for several months that New York City declares a climate emergency and mobilizes the city’s resources and personnel to combat emissions, Extinction Rebellion Activists have achieved one of their demands: On Wednesday at 3:00 pm the City Council passed a resolution declaring a climate emergency

Resolution 864-2019 acknowledges the catastrophic effects of climate change and states that restoring to “a safe and stable climate requires accelerated actions to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors to end the 6th mass extinction of species.”

The resolution also acknowledges that “The United States of America has disproportionately contributed to the climate emergency and has repeatedly obstructed global efforts to transition toward a green economy, and thus bears an extraordinary responsibility.”

Extinction Rebellion demands that the City now acts upon the crises and 

-       reduces carbon emissions to net zero by 2025, 

-       convenes a Citizens’ Assembly to oversee the changes needed, and

-       ensures a just transition that prioritizes those most vulnerable to the climate crisis.

Other governments that have declared climate emergencies, such as Canada, have carried on with business as usual, therefore Extinction Rebellion NYC will continue to fight for its demands and will continue to do so in form of nonviolent civil disobedience.