Arrests at protest over New York Times' unacceptable climate coverage

Image courtesy of Sue Bri

On June 22nd, 300 Extinction Rebellion Activists took the fight to The New York Times - asking the newspaper to take the lead and cover the climate emergency the way they covered WW II. 

Activists listed six demands: daily headlines, that the NYT made the connections of the climate crisis in all its sections, the presentation of systematic climate mitigation solutions beyond individual consumerism, the use of language adequate to the crisis, climate standards for political endorsements, and the removal of financial conflicts of interest.

Extinction Rebellion NYC Rebels repelled down from the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and briefly put up a giant banner at The New York Times headquarter. 40 activists lay down in the street forming an hourglass while other activists made a sit-in blocking 8th Avenue. The New York City Police arrested 70 activists for the sit-in and the banner drop. Some of the activists were only released from police custody the following day.

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