Coffee & The Climate Times


What’s better than a beautiful morning with a cup of coffee and your favorite newspaper?  

We went out to 8th Avenue to enjoy this wonderful morning routine with our friends from the New York Times to share and discuss the best articles we read in a while.

The newly printed issue of The Climate Times includes the latest news about the climate emergency while presenting all those emission mitigation activities we see around the world. 

Germany hit the highest temperatures ever recorded last week; Greta Thunberg is heading off to an adventurous trip across the Atlantic – in a race sailboat. And it’s not all Boris Johnson in the UK – Extinction Rebellion, too, is shaking up the Kingdom. Anti-fossil fuel demonstrators forced the shutdown of SSE's Keadby 2 gas plant in Lincolnshire and picketed Drax's London headquarters. We think that facing the 6th Mass Extinction and climate break down, this is what media outlets should report on. Read our Media Demands here.

The Climate Times acknowledges the necessity of systemic political and societal change and therefore suggests community-driven solutions and mobilization instead of consumer-driven solutions. So The Climate Times would not suggest to have your coffee with half as much milk as you would normally, that is not the scale of action that will save the planet. Rather The Climate Times would most likely present a recent study on the need for a “Great Food Transformation,” which will have to include aggressive policies for society as a whole - likely eliminating many consumer choices.

You can read the latest issue of The Climate Times here.

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