Statement on the Heathrow Pause Action

Extinction Rebellion NYC condemns the preemptive arrests in London of peaceful, nonviolent protestors. Ordinary citizens desperately worried about the future of their children are being handcuffed and taken to jail as their homes are cordoned off and searched by police.

Extinction Rebellion NYC recognizes the need for actions that are highly disruptive and controversial in order to highlight the severity of the climate and ecological emergency. As we approach the Global Climate Strike on 20 September, the inaction of our governments on the climate and ecological emergency becomes ever clearer.

Extinction Rebellion NYC condemns the preemptive arrests of Heathrow Pause members, who include Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam, who had planned to fly toy drones five feet above the ground over a mile from flight paths, actions determined to be entirely safe. They were acting from a deep sense of duty and care for their loved ones and for those already suffering the deadly effects of climate breakdown. We protest equally strongly the arrests of Extinction Rebellion members in Britain who were not even members of Heathrow Pause.

All have acted to prevent an apocalypse that is by no means distant. Already people in many places around the world are suffering and dying. One in four species faces extinction. And it will only get worse. Our current system is not fit to protect people and the natural world. And everywhere, people are realizing the truth of the existential threat we face and are coming together to demand immediate action.

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