Zero CO2 2025 Climate Justice Now Banner appearing on Unisphere

An environmental activist with Extinction Rebellion in NYC, climbed the iconic 140 foot, 12+ story steel Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park in Queens NY. 

Flushing Meadows park was previously the site of the 1964-65 World's Fair. The activist chose this location because it celebrated the World's Fair theme of "Peace Through Understanding". His idea was to drape the banner reading "Zero CO2 2025 Climate Justice Now" along with Extinction Rebellion's logo. XR's logo itself represented a the earth with a sand timer saying that we are in the middle of a Climate Emergency and that time is running out. 

The banner was deliberately placed over Brazil in South America to highlight the burning of the Amazon Rainforest which Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is allowing to continue, despite numerous countries' offers to send help. Rainforest there are being deforested to claim the land for cattle feed and raising livestock for beef to be exported to countries including the US. This pits indigenous peoples in extreme danger and also allows the stealing of their land. Also it is killing both endangered wildlife and plant life that has yet to be explored. 

When the XR member started to go in to the unit sphere it started pouring rain. He leaped into the water then started his ascend. As he climbed higher, it was impossible to see him because he was hidden behind the country of South America. It took a while for the banner to unfurl. Right away the parks department noticed someone was in the sphere. It took a while for the police to arrive and a long time for them to get the banner down.

The police were amazed by the action. The last time the Unisphere was climbed was in 1976, 43 years ago. But they were also unnerved, because one of their own tactical officers had to put himself in jeopardy to climb into the Unisphere in the middle of the continuing heavy rain."

The XR activist was arrested and held in police custody for 8 hours.

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