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example expert declarations

It’s often a good idea to present testimony by expert witnesses, who can discuss the science of climate change and the necessity of civil disobedience. Below, find expert declarations from an ongoing case, Minnesota v. Yildirim, in which the Four Necessity pipeline valve-turners are attempting to present a climate necessity defense. Each expert has a specific specialty; some are prepared to testify across multiple areas.

Note: these declarations are just examples of how expert testimony comes into a climate protest trial, and they are specific to this case. Do not use them or cite them in court; in every case, you must secure and prepare new expert testimony.

On the science and imminence of climate change and the health and safety risks of tar sands pipelines and related infrastructure:

On political gridlock and the lack of legal alternatives to address the climate crisis:

On the effectiveness of civil disobedience in creating political change: